Lo says a Conservative and Unionist vote is a recession vote

South Belfast Alliance candidate Anna Lo has said that anyone planning to vote Conservative and Unionist could be delivering a double dip recession for the UK as their planned cuts would be devastating to our economy.

Anna Lo said: “A vote for the Conservatives and Unionists is a vote for another recession.

“Everyone knows the sheer scale of cuts Tories and the impact they are going to make to our vital public services. This will destabilise our economy and could throw the country into deeper trouble.

“The Tories will do nothing other than deliver double dip misery for families around Northern Ireland and further afield. People don’t want a slash and burn policy on our health service. People want stability and sustainable growth at this very difficult time.

“I would strongly advise people not to vote Conservatives and Unionists because we do not want to see a return to the Thatcher-style policies which hurt Northern Ireland so much in the 1980s.

“Alliance has pledged to battle for innovation in the private sector and genuine stability in our vital public services. The Tories have almost been bragging about the cuts they plan to make and I find that totally despicable and disrespectful to hard-working public sector staff.”


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