Alliance selects Keith McGrellis for Foyle

Keith McGrellis has been selected by the Alliance Party to stand in the Foyle constituency in the upcoming general election on the 6th May.

Keith McGrellis said: “It is a great honour to be chosen to run for Alliance in Foyle.

“Only the Alliance Party offers voters a chance to vote for a shared future and not the tribal politics of the other parties.

“The public are now tired of the orange and green politics of old, they are now demanding that the politicians move with the times and realise that the sectarian headcount should be ended.

“Every party has realised that we face uncertain economic times, but no party has put forward plans that save money without major cuts, Alliance has however said that we can save money from tackling the costs of division. Nearly one billion pounds is wasted every year on the duplication of services, and until we look at this issue the Stormont Executive may be forced to make cuts to frontline services.

“Only a vote for Alliance can show you want to build a united community in our City – breaking down the segregation that costs every household here over £1000 a year because of duplicated services, fighting sectarianism and prejudice and working for an honourable solution to the City name dispute which values both of our main traditions.”


Biography of Keith McGrellis

Keith is 33 years old, is Derry born and bred, and was educated at St. Columb’s College and QUB. He is the Infrastructure Support Manager of a software consultancy company based in Belfast.

His big priority is to create quality jobs in the North West, making sure that more young people can realise their ambitions here instead of having to leave to find a career. As an IT professional, Keith will use his expertise to identify opportunities to make the North West a hub of the new economy.

Keith supports the plans to expand the Magee campus, finally creating a fully-sized University which will drive economic growth in Derry. Keith will fight to tackle our infrastructure deficit – for High Quality Dual Carriageway routes to Belfast and Dublin, for railway improvements and for a proper cancer service for the North West.

Keith’s hobbies include formula 1 motorsport, rugby, Australian rules football. He also enjoys listening to music and attending live music gigs and festivals.

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