Lo puts pressure on Minister to bring forward council reform plans

Alliance Environment Spokesperson Anna Lo MLA has called for the Minister Alex Attwood to bring his plans for the Review of Public Administration to the Executive urgently and publish them as soon as possible. She said that there can be no further delay and that the public deserves to know the Minister’s preferred option as regards the reform of local government.

Anna Lo MLA said: “A decision on the Review of Public Administration is long overdue. I want to see the Environment Minister Alex Attwood bring forward his plans as soon as possible.

“There have been so many delays over the past few years regarding the Review of Public Administration and I want to see the Minister present his plans urgently.

“RPA is fundamentally important to the delivery of services at a local level and it is crucial that the next step is taken along the road to making a decision on this issue. When the Minister brings his plans to the Executive and publicises it, we can have a proper debate about the best way forward in terms of reform. What exists at present is essentially a vacuum and that is no good for anyone.

“It would not be acceptable for this uncertainty on RPA to continue any longer. The public is fed up with indecision in government here and it is important that the Minister announces his preferred option regarding council reform urgently so that progress can be made. I call on the Minister to bring his proposals to the Executive this week and publicise them as soon as possible to help move this issue forward.”


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