Lo praises universities on research achievements

Alliance Employment and Learning Spokesperson Anna Lo MLA has congratulated both Queen’s University and University of Ulster on their achievements in a UK-wide research survey. Both universities had their research ranked, with Queen’s achieving a top 20 RAE place in the UK, and University of Ulster achieving very good results in Nursing and Celtic studies.

South Belfast MLA Anna Lo said: “This excellent news shows the high quality of university education that we have in Northern Ireland. I am sure that all the staff at both universities applied in much effort to achieve these great results.

“This positive news could mean that more people will wish to study here, and this can only improve our universities and economy further. Northern Ireland has for too long suffered from a ‘brain drain’ to Britain and the Republic of Ireland, but hopefully this will now no longer be the case.

“Research can benefit the local economy and will entice foreign investors to come to Northern Ireland, as they will see us as being at the cutting edge in developing new approaches and technologies.”


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