Lo – Lucid Talk poll backs Alliance position on designated days for Council flag

Alliance Environment spokesperson Anna Lo MLA has said that a poll by Lucid Talk has shown that designated days is the most popular option for when the Union Flag should be flown on Council headquarters. 23% supported designated days, while 21% supported it being flown all year round, 14% supported a civic flag, 12% supported both the Union flag and the Irish Tricolour being flown, 8% said Councils should make their own decision and 22% had no opinion/don’t know.

Anna Lo MLA said: “This poll has backed the Alliance Party’s position on designated days. It is the policy for Stormont and of many Councils in the rest of the UK. It also recognises Northern Ireland’s position within the UK, while allowing the Union Flag to be flown with respect and dignity. It is the only consensus building option.

“We must have an agreed policy before the new super councils are formed. These new councils are there to deliver better public services; they shouldn’t have to spend their first few meetings debating when the Union Flag is flown from their headquarters. The poll supports this position as the least popular option was for Councils to determine their own policy.

“Flags will be one of the three main issues discussed in the Haass talks, I hope that there will be a positive outcome from this process to resolve this issue.”


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