Lo disgusted at robbery of two elderly women

Alliance South Belfast MLA Anna Lo has expressed her disgust at two men behind a burglary at the house of two elderly women on Edinburgh Street on Thursday night. One man threatened the women with a crowbar while the other ransacked the house before they made off with a sum of cash.

Anna Lo MLA said: “I am absolutely disgusted at these two men. I can not comprehend why they would believe that it was acceptable to threaten and rob two elderly women in their home. We come to think that we are safe in our own homes, but with incidents like it would make us think otherwise. It is shocking to believe that two individuals could carry out such a crime.

“This must have been an extremely traumatic experience for these women. I hope that they are able to get over their ordeal quickly.

“I would urge anybody with any information about this burglary to contact the police. I hope that these men are apprehended by the police before they subject more vulnerable people to such a traumatic ordeal.”


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