Ford condemns Antrim pipe bombs

Alliance Leader David Ford MLA has condemned the spate of pipe bombs attacks in Antrim.

David Ford MLA said: “Like the vast majority of Antrim people, I am horrified by the pipe bomb attacks which have taken place over the last week.

“I have spoken to the police who assure me they are doing all they can to catch the criminals. It is important that anyone who can assist them should do so. I would urge everyone in Antrim to be on the alert for any suspicious activity following these attacks.

“I can not understand, and I doubt if anyone could understand the mind of the so called “Real UFF” following their reckless and callous actions. These attacks have been carried out on decent, hard working local citizens who have every right to live their lives in peace and safety. I know such attacks are opposed by the vast majority of my fellow citizens.”


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