Lo comments on water crisis reports

Alliance Regional Development Spokesperson Anna Lo MLA has said she is concerned that the independent report on the water crisis at Christmas may not have provided sufficient reassurances that such a crisis will never happen again.

Commenting on the independent report, Anna Lo MLA said: “Irrespective of perceptions regarding the choice of those who wrote and delivered the independent report, I have concerns that this particular report may not sufficiently reassure everyone regarding the effective delivery of water services for Northern Ireland.

Commenting on the Utility Regulator’s report, Anna Lo MLA said: “The Utility Regulator’s report on the crisis goes right to the heart of this very troubling issue and the Minister should study and act on its findings.

“The water crisis caused havoc for thousands of households over the Christmas period and it’s only right and proper that we get to the bottom of this to ensure that such a situation never happens again.”


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