Alliance tells UUP & SDLP your game is up, quit Executive now

Following the SDLP and UUP voting against the improved Budget deal in the Executive, Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has said their game is up and they must now leave the Executive.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “The Ulster Unionists and SDLP need to seriously examine their position, which appears to be unsustainable. They have voted against the improved budget, as well as the previous draft, so they have nowhere else to go other than leave the Executive. We need strong and constructive partnership in government, not electioneering and dogma.

“If they stayed in the Executive after their negative opposition to an improved package this would be deeply damaging to the little credibility they have left.

“This a tough time in relation to public finances and we need to see all Ministers working together to help get us through this difficult period and build out economy. The SDLP and UUP have proven they are incapable of doing this so the game is now up for them.

“People don’t want to see their political game-playing – they want politicians showing leadership and working as one to protect vital services and attract investment and jobs to Northern Ireland. Alliance is playing its part with our ambitious legislative programme which was launched on Wednesday, other parties need to be constructive to help ensure stable, successful government here or leave now.”


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