Lo comments on SDLP co-operation call saying people know Alliance are Number 1 on community relations

Following a story in the Impartial Reporter about calls from Fermanagh SDLP Councillor John O’Kane for more co-operation between their party, Alliance and the UUP, Alliance MLA Anna Lo has said his comments are welcome; however, people know Alliance are the only party that makes improving community relations their top priority.

Anna Lo MLA said: “These comments are welcome and they are indicative of the shift of other parties and individuals towards the Alliance Party.

“Alliance works closely with both the SDLP and UUP, but there is a key distinction between Alliance and these two parties, we make ending segregation and improving relations our top priority, but they still make the constitutional issue theirs’.

“I am pleased that others now see that the Alliance vision is the right vision, but for us to make the transformation to a genuinely shared society, people must join the one party that deals with this issue ahead of all others, and that’s the Alliance Party.”


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