Lo challenges DUP over their support for UKIP

Alliance European candidate Anna Lo MLA has challenged the DUP’s decision to urge their voters to transfer their vote to UKIP in the European and Local Government elections.

Anna Lo MLA said: “I have to question Peter Robinson’s decision to urge DUP voters to transfer their votes to UKIP.

“Does this mean that the DUP supports the UKIP policy that there should be a single income tax rate where the poor pay more tax while the rich will pay less? Do they also support their proposal that key health services, from ambulances to GP surgeries, should be auctioned off to private companies? Is that now the position of the DUP Health Minister, Edwin Poots? And is the DUP Enterprise Minister, Arlene Foster, endorsing UKIP’s policy of EU withdrawal despite the fact that every business organisation here argues in support of continued membership?

“We know that the DUP are, at the very least, eurosceptic, but they are now asking their voters to give their preferences to a party that wants the UK to pull out of the European Union. What sort of message does it send to Northern Ireland’s supporters in Europe when our First Minister advocates votes for a party that is opposed to the EU’s very existence?

“UKIP’s policies will only damage Northern Ireland’s economic prospects, and people deserve to know if the DUP supports them.”


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