Lo asks where is the legislation for the reform of Councils?

During the meeting of the Assembly Environment Committee, Alliance Environment spokesperson Anna Lo MLA has brought up the delay in the legislation on the reform of Local Government. Anna asked that the Minister provide information relating to when the legislation will appear in the Assembly and why has there been so many delays with shadow Council elections arranged for next year.

Anna Lo MLA said: “The issue of the reform of Local Government has been delayed for many years. There was hope that we would finally see the legislation when details were announced on the shadow Council elections that are due to take place next year.

“However, with another Assembly year gone, we are yet to see the required legislation.

“With less than one year to go till these elections, I am very concerned that the legislation would be forced through the Assembly with little scrutiny.

“It is unacceptable that such an important reform is being blocked for one reason or another. The Environment Minister must provide answers as to what has happened to the legislation.”


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