Letter continues embarrassing UUP/Tory saga and shows how closely the parties are linked

Alliance MLA Kieran McCarthy has said that the letter from the Conservative Party Chair to the Ulster Unionists suggesting that the UUP disband and form a new party led by the Tories, shows how close the two parties are and he said this is yet another embarrassing development in the UUP/Tory saga.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “This letter shows that the UUP and the Tories and are still very closely tied together and the public needs clarity on this issue. Tom Elliott must state whether or not there will be a formal link between the UUP and the Tories in the future. This type of link-up was not exactly a resounding success in 2010, and I cannot see this changing any time in the future.

“This is yet another embarrassing development in the saga of the UUP’s relationship with the Tories.”


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