Lawther to run for Alliance in South Antrim

The Alliance Party has selected Alan Lawther to stand in South Antrim in the Westminster election. Alan Lawther said that the party is expanding quickly in the area as people see that Alliance is the only party that works for everyone and make ending division our number one priority.

Alan Lawther said: “I am extremely honoured to have been selected to represent Alliance in South Antrim. We are a strong and ever-growing team in the area, with former SDLP member Cllr Oran Keenan recently having joined us.

“If people want to vote for a party that works to deliver for everyone instead of banging the tribal drum, Alliance is the only party for them.

“People want progress, stability and delivery. They also recognise the constructive role Alliance has played in safeguarding the future of the Assembly in the face of negativity from other so-called ‘moderate’ parties. Alliance has a vision for a united society which uses the cash previously wasted on maintaining division to create better health services and public transport for people here. We are all about delivery when other parties are focused on dogma.”



Alan Lawther is currently Deputy Mayor of Antrim Borough Council and is a Councillor in the Antrim South East area. He is Alliance Party Sustainability Spokesperson and is a long-term campaigner on issues such as the need for a green new deal for Northern Ireland and for increased use of renewable energy sources

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