Kelly welcomes tougher sentences for animal cruelty

The Alliance Party’s Chair, Councillor Neil Kelly, has welcomed the Justice Minister’s decision to get tougher on animal cruelty.

His comments come after the Minister announced plans to increase statutory maximum penalties for those convicted of harming animals.

Councillor Neil Kelly said: “Alliance has consistently led the way in tackling all forms of animal cruelty and we won’t accept that some in society think it is the norm to treat animals badly.

“Over the past few years Alliance has worked alongside animal welfare charities, the relevant departments and members of the public to attempt to put an end to vulnerable animals falling into the hands of those who seek to harm them.

“It therefore comes as no surprise the Justice Minister has made moves to strengthen sentencing for those convicted of harming animals. It is only right that those guilty of crimes involving animals recognise the seriousness of their actions.”

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