Kelly sickened by failed pipe bomb attack

Alliance Antrim Councillor Neil Kelly has stated that he is sickened by those who left a device beside a house in the Fir Grove Lane area of Antrim on Wednesday morning. The device, believed to be a pipe bomb, did not explode.

Cllr Neil Kelly said: “I am sickened and disgusted by these people who are intent on causing death, injury and disruption. This device was an attack on the whole community. There can never be any justification for an attack like this, no matter what those responsible may claim

“I am very concerned that these incidents appear to be happening on a daily basis. I am only glad that no one was killed or injured in this latest attack.

“I would urge anybody with any information about this incident to contact the police. These people must be taken off our streets by the police before they can carry out another such attack.”


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