Kelly selected as South Antrim Westminster candidate

Councillor Neil Kelly has been named the Alliance Party’s candidate for South Antrim and will fight to secure the seat in next year’s general election.

The Antrim Councillor was selected this week and said he was both ‘honoured’ and ‘delighted’ to have the full faith of the Party behind him.

Councillor Neil Kelly said: “I am very proud to have been selected to stand for election for Alliance and I’m looking forward to getting out and about, meeting with local constituents and delivering the Alliance message of a shared future to a wider audience.

“Health, Education and the Economy are all vital to the future stability and prosperity of Northern Ireland and over the next seven months these are the core issues I want to focus on. In this election Alliance will play a key role, offering a clear alternative to the tribal politics of others. Alliance has always and will continue to work hard for the best interests of everyone in Northern Ireland and I look forward to promoting the good work of the Party across South Antrim.”

David Ford, South Antrim MLA, added: “Neil is an excellent candidate and I was delighted to see him selected to represent South Antrim in the Westminster election. Not only is he exceptionally capable, but his hard working ethos is well known by everyone he has supported and helped in his work for Antrim town and in the Council. I’m glad residents across all of South Antrim will get to experience his passion and drive to deliver a new, shared Northern Ireland for everyone.”

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