Kelly – Residents living in fear after third pipe bomb

Alliance Antrim Councillor Neil Kelly has stated that residents in Antrim are living in fear following a third pipe bomb that partially exploded on Thursday. It was found in Birchhill Park at 12:45pm. It follows two other pipe bombs in Antrim in the past two days.

Cllr Neil Kelly said: “The residents of Antrim are living in fear now that three pipe bombs have been found. The community is worried where the next attack is going occur.

“Nobody wants these attacks; they are a relic of the past. These thugs must get the message that they have no support amongst the public. The devices that they left have the capability to kill or injury several people, so I am only glad that nobody has been hurt by any of the pipe bombs.

“I would urge anybody with any information about these pipe bombs to contact the police. These people must be brought before the courts to be punished for their callous, reckless and mindless actions.”


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