Kelly criticises action of Land and Property Service officials at Antrim Council

Councillor Neil Kelly has criticised the behaviour of two senior staff from Land and Property Service who arrived to speak to the Public Services Committee of Antrim Borough Council yesterday afternoon.

Councillor Kelly who was chairing the meeting, said that once the LPS representatives were told that the press would be present they decided not to enter the chamber and left without addressing the meeting.

Cllr Kelly said: “The rate payers in Antrim deserve an apology from the Land and Property Service with regard to the mistakes they have made, which is costing the council huge amounts of money in repayments.

“By refusing to address the meeting, they have done nothing to restore the faith of the rate payer in their department. I hope that this matter can be resolved, however, it is becoming more and more difficult, when we as a Council cannot get an opportunity to question those responsible for the mistakes they have made. If the Council are to be given the opportunity to question them, we would want this to be in an open and transparent manner not behind closed doors, which is why the Committee voted for the press to be present.

“The officials are not just answerable to the Council but the public as well.”


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