Kelly condemns ‘despicable’ attack on firefighter in Antrim

Antrim Alliance Councillor Neil Kelly has condemned those behind an attack on a firefighter in Antrim. A firefighter was injured after a fire appliance was attacked by people throwing stones as they responded to a fire at Ardview Community House. Cllr Neil Kelly expressed deep concern that the centre might have been targeted as it is used by Praxis as a mental health facility.

Cllr Neil Kelly said: “This was a despicable incident and people in the Stiles estate will be appalled at this.

“I hope the injured firefighter makes a full and swift recovery. Our emergency services provide a vital resource and they should be able to get on with their work free from attack or intimidation.

“I am also deeply concerned that people might be targeting a facility that is used by vulnerable people. One bin which was set alight was up against the building and I was told that if the fire had gone on for another 20 minutes and the whole building could have burned down.

“I would like to encourage people to keep attending this centre and not be dissuaded by the thoughtless act.

“Those behind these events must be swiftly brought to justice and I would urge anyone with information on this incident to contact police immediately.”


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