Kelly concerned by Greenmount Agricultural College cuts

Antrim Councillor Neil Kelly has spoken of his concern that 20 teaching jobs are under threat at Greenmount Agricultural College, which would have a knock on effect on the number of students enrolled.

Cllr Neil Kelly said: “I grew up near the college and have been made aware of the good work it does in training our young people to enter the thriving Northern Irish Agricultural sector. Not only does this college prepare young people for employment, it also employs local people as teachers.

“Therefore, the impact of this will also be felt across Antrim Town as a reduction in the size of the college will impact on the town economically.

“It is disappointing that the Agriculture Minister is continuing with her political pet project of moving her Department’s headquarters to Ballykelly at the same time as making these cuts. If she halted that project then we would not be looking at cuts at Greenmount. It is time she get her priorities right.

“Any reduction in jobs, teaching or otherwise, in Greenmount is bad news for Antrim Town.”


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