Judith Cochrane’s Office to provide home energy checks to mark Energy Saving Week

Speaking as the Energy Saving Trust is about to launch its 15th annual Energy Saving Week, East Belfast Alliance MLA Judith Cochrane has called on people to think about their energy use and to support Energy Saving Week.

Judith’s staff will be offering ‘Home Energy Checks’ all through next week at her constituency office, 56 Upper Newtownards Road, between 9am and 5pm. These quick checks could help people cut £250 off their energy bills and constituents will be provided with a tailored report unique to their own property.

Judith Cochrane MLA said: “Energy Saving Week is the perfect opportunity to have a think about how you might be wasting energy in your home and to take a few simple steps to make a difference. Not only will this save you money, particularly at a time when energy costs are so high, but it will also reduce your carbon emissions.

“There are some very easy ways to save energy in your home and some big savings to be made by making your home more energy efficient. At a time when fuel prices and the cost of living are rising, reducing your energy usage is the ideal way to save money and help the environment.”


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