Jones: DUP must take action over Patterson’s comments

Alliance Belfast Councillor Mervyn Jones has said the DUP must take urgent action over comments made on Facebook by Councillor Ruth Patterson, appearing to advocate a gun attack on a controversial Castlederg parade.

Councillor Mervyn Jones said: “This is completely unacceptable language for an elected representative to use and I want to know what action the DUP is going to take to address this.

“I am shocked that somebody would make such dangerous and irresponsible comments.

“Whether the comment was made in a private message or not, what Councillor Patterson has said is an absolute disgrace that cannot be defended. I wonder what exactly she was thinking when she chose to post such irresponsible comments.

“The Police must look into this message as it appears she was inciting violence and the DUP must be clear on how they will deal with this. They must back her or sack her.”
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