Jones blasts Poots appointment and fears the worst on stadium decision

East Belfast Alliance Councillor Mervyn Jones has slammed the DUP’s decision to appoint Edwin Poots as Minister in charge of Culture, Arts and Leisure. Mr Poots will be the Minister who has to make the final decision on the location of the new all-sports stadium. Edwin Poots strongly supports the Maze site for the stadium, whereas Mervyn Jones believes, like the majority of local people, that it should be sited in Belfast.

Cllr Mervyn Jones said: “One of the biggest decisions that the minister will face will be the siting of the new stadium. It is unlikely that someone so publicly identified with Peter Hain’s proposal to force the siting of the stadium at the Maze, will listen to the overwhelming desire to have the stadium located in Belfast.

“One has to question whether Mr Poots will display any objectivity when making the decision on this matter.

“A growing body of opinion has come out in favour of the real need to have this all-sports stadium in Belfast.

“We will continue to keep the pressure on everyone involved in the decision-making process to have a re-think, and locate the new stadium where the majority of the public want it – in Belfast.”


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