Green energy grants must not be sacrificed

Alliance Sustainabilty Spokesperson Cllr Alan Lawther has hit out at speculation that the green energy grants for homes scheme could be stopped in Northern Ireland. In other parts of the UK, plans are afoot to phase out the renewable energy systems grant and replace it with a rates rebate.

The Antrim Councillor said: “I hope that the speculation surrounding the future of the green grants has no basis. These grants work well, and I would like to think that they are here to stay.

“The grants are vitally important to encourage and assist local people to install alternative energy systems in their homes.

“Any indirect incentive for homeowners to convert to green energy, like a rates rebate, is simply not good enough.

“Great progress has been made in protecting the environment since the creation of these green energy grants – that good work must not be undone by an ill-judged change in policy.

“The government must put its money where its mouth is and continue the grants scheme. There is so much talk of going green, but unfortunately these words often do not translate into actions.”


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