Iran action requires NPT reform: Farry

Stephen Farry, Alliance Party Spokesperson for Global Affairs, has stated that the decision by the Iranian government to break the seals, placed by the United Nations, on its nuclear production facilities, is precipitating an unnecessary crisis. The suspicion is that Iran’s desire to pursue uranium enrichment is a cover for a nuclear weapons programme.

Stephen Farry said:

“It is regrettable that the Iranian government turned down the latest offer with the European Union, regarding it nuclear energy programme, and has decided to cease its voluntary agreement with the United Nations.

“For the sake of peace in the Middle East area, indeed the rest of the world, I wish to believe that the Iranian government does not want to pursue a nuclear weapons programme.

“However, global security, especially in regards to weapons of mass destruction, cannot be relied upon good intentions alone. This was recognised decades ago, with the introduction of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Yet the NPT is now being found as inadequate in the post-Cold War era and increased tensions in the Middle East.

“The NPT needs reform. One initiative could be an additional protocol, whereby states commit themselves never to use facilities or materials for military purposes, which they acquired as a non-nuclear weapon state. This would then give the UN Security Council, and others, the ability to take enforcement actions.

“The Iranian situation highlights the threat of a new nuclear weapons build-up, making the control of proliferation all the more vital.”


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