Integrated education event provides great opportunity to show support for shared future

Ahead of a debate in the Senate chamber at Stormont tomorrow on integrated education Alliance Education Spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA said it provides a perfect opportunity for parties to show their support for a shared future. The debate has been organised by the Integrated Education Fund and the title is ‘This House believes that the time is right for a fully integrated system of education’.
Trevor Lunn MLA said: “This is an exciting event and I want to praise the IEF for bringing this debate to Stormont.
“This debate provides parties with a great opportunity to show their support for a shared future.
“Promoting integrated education is crucial to delivering a society free from division. The integrated movement has had a very positive and profound impact as regards helping Northern Ireland make progress to a better future. Much has been achieved and there is still so much more potential for positive change in our society.
“Having more emphasis on integrated education makes sense not only from a community relations perspective but also in relation to making the most of our public finances, through helping address the cost of division. Alliance has led the way as a movement for change in supporting integrated education and this debate provides a great opportunity for all parties to back integrated schooling.”
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