IMC is in Sinn fein’s interests – Alliance

Alliance Party Justice Spokesperson, Stephen Farry, has responded to Sinn Fein’s rejection of the latest IMC report, by repeating that the IMC is actually in Sinn Fein’s interests. He said that it has the capacity to create the context for a return to power-sharing government and all-Ireland institutions.

Dr Farry stated: “Sinn Féin has responded hysterically to the IMC’s latest report, but the IMC is in fact in its own interests – assuming, of course, that Sinn Féin is genuine when it says it wants progress.

“Alliance first proposed the creation of what became the IMC almost four years ago. We did so because there was an absence of objective assessments of what paramilitaries were doing. Wildly different interpretations of what was going on by governments and political parties created a context of mistrust and erected a barrier to political progress.

“Today, the IMC is providing a large degree of clarity of what is going on, which should allow both governments and parties to make more informed judgements on the way forward.

“This week, the IMC has given a mixed report. The IRA have made considerable movement forward, but significant problems remain. This would indicate that the basis for power-sharing including Sinn Fein does not really exist.

“However, if progress continues to be made, it is likely that the IMC will be able in the near future to provide a much more positive report on the IRA.

“Without the IMC, rejectionist unionists would still be able to cling to rumours and innuendos, and historic incidents in order to justify refusing to engage in power-sharing.

“With an unambigously positive report from the IMC, it will then be possible to make objective and authoritative assessments that the so-called ‘Republican Movement’ is committed to exclusively democratic and peaceful means, and to supporting and upholding the rule of law. Pressure than falls on those political parties who do not wish to engage.”

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