Howard says home owner had lucky escape following car crash

Alliance Castlereagh Councillor Carole Howard has said the incident in which a car crashed into a house was a lucky escape for the home owner. A car crashed into the house on Whincroft Road on Tuesday afternoon after the driver lost control of his vehicle. The elderly driver was taken to hospital with minor injuries. Serious damage was caused to the house.

Cllr Carole Howard said: “This was a lucky escape for the woman who owns the house. I spoke with her shortly after the accident and she said at that time she would have normally been in the room that the car crashed into, but was thankfully out of the house.

“We could have been looking at somebody being seriously injured or worse in this incident. It also happened at a time when children would have been walking home in the area after school finished.

“I believe the elderly driver was taken to hospital as he suffered minor injuries. I hope he is able to recover quickly from his injuries.

“I would also like to praise the quick response of Council officials who have secured the house in the short term before it is properly repaired.”


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