Hendron says ‘security curtain’ at East Belfast interface shows need for a shared future

Alliance Belfast Councillor Maire Hendron has commented on the decision by the Department of Justice to install a wire netting structure at St Matthews Church in East Belfast to help deal with interface trouble.

The ‘security curtain’ is designed to only be used when needed.

Councillor Maire Hendron said: “While I understand the situation in the area has led to this ‘security curtain’ being erected, I am disappointed that this action has had to be taken. It is a temporary structure that will only be put into place when needed rather than being there all year round.

“The small minority of people who have been involved in riotous behaviour are going against the wishes of the majority of people in the area who have been involved in cross community work.

“Alliance has always worked to promote community relations and reduce tensions at interfaces.

“There is also a need for all elected representatives to robustly condemn all attacks, much more than they have done so far to date. This announcement shows the need to deliver a comprehensive shared future without further delay that will have a positive impact for everyone.

“I know the Department of Justice is working on the ground to ensure that we can reach a point when this security curtain and the peace walls are no longer needed.”

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