Hendron says public decide East Belfast Westminster representation, not Robinson

Alliance East Belfast Councillor Maire Hendron has said that it is the public who will decide who wins the East Belfast Westminster seat, not Peter Robinson. Mr Robinson announced that he was not going to contest the seat, currently held by Naomi Long, and declared that Alliance had merely borrowed the seat and that the DUP would win it back in the future.

Cllr Maire Hendron said: “In 2010, the public decided that Naomi Long would be better at representing East Belfast than Mr Robinson, so for him to dismiss this decision by saying that Alliance had only borrowed the seat is extremely disrespectful to the public. It is the public that determines who will win each election, not Mr Robinson.

“The public saw the hard work that Naomi does on the ground and they saw the policies and positive messages of the Alliance Party and decided to vote her in and not Mr Robinson.

“He ran in 2010 and said that he would win the seat, so I am taking his prediction that his party will win the seat again with a pinch of salt as he got it wrong then and I believe he has got it wrong now.”


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