Hendron: Parade organisers must adhere to restrictions

Alliance Councillor Maire Hendron has said organisers of a loyalist parade set for Belfast City Centre later this month must adhere to restrictions outlined by the Parades Commission.

The Parades Commission has given the go-ahead for the parade in Belfast on November 30, with a number of restrictions imposed. Organisers had applied for up to 10,000 people and 40 bands to take part in the event.

Councillor Maire Hendron, Alliance Group Leader on Belfast City Council, said: “While everyone has the right to parade and protest, I am disappointed at the timing of this parade and the burden it will place on city centre retailers.

“However a determination has been made by the only body legally able to do so and the Parades Commission ruling must be upheld.

“I would appeal to organisers to following all the restrictions in place, including ensuring the parade is well stewarded, no undue stoppages or delays when in progress and that those taking part have cleared the area by 12.30pm.

“The Christmas shopping session is essential to traders’ income and we cannot allow unnecessary disruption to take over. I hope those taking part in the parade will adhere to the Parades Commission, allowing a peaceful afternoon of shopping to resume.”

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