Hendron condemns East Belfast interface violence

Pottinger Alliance Councillor Maíre Hendron has condemned all those behind the interface violence around the Albertbridge Road area last night.

Councillor Maíre Hendron said: “This trouble was simply despicable. The community will be annoyed that the actions of some have created very negative headlines.

“My serious concerns regarding the rally to mark the closure of Mountpottinger police station have unfortunately been played out. There was a real lack of leadership shown by those behind this event and it was provocative, triumphalist and unnecessary.

“The closure of the police station should not have been used as a political football by either side. The priority must be quality community policing for all, and using issues like the closure of a station to score points is simply unacceptable.

“The focus should now be on working with police to provide the best service for the whole area and on how best to use the station site for the community.”


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