Have Sinn Fein removed their anti-tap tax poster to spare their blushes?

Alliance Executive Director and North Belfast Party Spokesperson Gerry Lynch has called on Sinn Fein to clarify why they have removed a massive anti-water charges poster from a party office on the Antrim Road in North Belfast. He speculated that this may have something to do with their Regional Development Minister Conor Murphy recently receiving a detailed study on water charges, and the party may be reconsidering their opposition to the hefty tap tax.

North Belfast Alliance Representative Gerry Lynch said: “The Sinn Fein ‘Stop Water Charges’ poster has mysteriously been removed from their office on the Antrim Road, only days after their Regional Development Minister Conor Murphy received important research on the issue. I live in the area and I was surprised to see the disappearance of this massive poster on the side of their office.

“Does this mean that Conor Murphy’s thinking on water charges has changed and he might be considering introducing them?

“Might we see a change in policy from Sinn Fein on water charges? I would like to have clarification from Sinn Fein on their stance on tap tax. Do they intend to flip flop on this issue?

“Cheap, populist politics doesn’t work. Sinn Fein might now learn this lesson the hard way.

“What a coincidence it is that this poster has been taken down, just after Conor Murphy received this dossier. I will let people draw their own conclusions on this matter.”


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