Growth of local company great news for our economy, says Martin

Alliance Alderman Stephen Martin has congratulated Lisburn based Unicorn Group on their successful purchase of the former Coca Cola factory in Lambeg.

“I am delighted that a local company has been able to secure the old Coke factory site. It’s a testament to Unicorn’s progress in recent years and their commitment to Lisburn that they have committed such significant investment locally,” he said.

“This is absolutely what Lisburn needs – our very own indigenous businesses in a position to take big decisions to achieve their ambitions and where better than right here.

‘The Lambeg site was effectively mothballed nearly a decade ago around the time of the beginning of the financial crisis as Coke re-located to Knockmore Hill so it is a real boost to the local economy that such a prime commercial site will be back up and running – open for business.’

‘It is important and I look forward to actively engaging with Unicorn to ensure that local residents in Lambeg are fully aware of the company’s investment and expansion plans so that in partnership this real shot in the arm proves beneficial for the whole community.”

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