Alliance continues support for Bombardier

The Alliance Party has continued to back Bombardier staff across Northern Ireland, holding a series of meetings focused on securing the company’s future in Northern Ireland.

Following on from their meeting with Unite the Union last week, yesterday morning the delegation of Stephen Farry MLA, Chris Lyttle MLA and Councillor Peter McReynolds met with members of GMB. This was followed up today by Councillor McReynolds when he met with Michael Ryan at Bombardier HQ.

Speaking afterwards, he said: “Over the past few weeks the fortunes of Bombardier have been mixed, with new orders and opportunities running alongside a major US business dispute and the confirmed closure of a local subsidiary company.

“Throughout this time, Alliance representatives have worked tirelessly in support of staff across Northern Ireland with Naomi Long MLA and Chris Lyttle MLA having raised the dispute with the US, Canadian and U.K Governments, to ensure the major economic value of Bombardier is protected in Northern Ireland.

“With a number of issues discussed this week alone – including the recent Airbus order and the impact a lack of an Assembly is having – Alliance will continue to do all it can to back Bombardier’s wide supply chain across Northern Ireland, seeking ways to enhance and promote our skilled manufacturing sector on the world stage.”

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