Griffin says we need buses to go into Dromore town square

Alliance Dromore by-election candidate David Griffin said that the closure of the Hillsborough Road entry to Dromore has resulted in real inconvenience for many people particularly those using public transport and living at the Northern end of the town. Everyone is now dropped off close to Supervalu, some distance from the town centre. He said he was going to contact Translink to address the problem.

David Griffin said: “Surely some sort of ‘busy bus’ service should be provided to bring people into the town centre.

“It is quite a distance into the town centre and this poses real difficulties for people with limited mobility. I am contacting Translink to request that buses go into the town square to drop people off.

“Indeed the sudden, without warning closure of the road which led to the changes to the bus service, begs a number of questions. Why was the road closed and who was responsible? The public deserve to know.”


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