Griffin says a tribal vote is a wasted vote

Alliance Dromore by-election candidate David Griffin has stated that a vote for any of the tribal parties won’t count for as much as a vote for Alliance. He said that people should ignore the tired unionist in-fighting and vote for a party that has ambition for Dromore and will genuinely represent everyone in the area.

David Griffin said: “A tribal vote is a wasted vote. This election is about selecting the person who will make the best Councillor for Dromore. I have ambition for Dromore and I want the best for the town and the surrounding area.

“We have had a massively positively response on the ground in Dromore. People are getting sick of the tired old tribal battles and unionist infighting. People know its time to move forward. Northern Ireland is changing, so let’s show people that we want a better and shared society.

“If people vote for one of the tribal parties, what they will get is the same old story and the same old conflicts, with no change for the better. I want to present Dromore as a vibrant and confident town that can attract more investment and tourism. This will not happen if a tribal politician gets elected. By voting Alliance, you can elect someone who can meet the needs of Dromore and all of it’s people. Your vote could make the difference between electing someone with fresh ideas or being stuck with someone who wants to live in the past.”


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