Government must safeguard the future of Belfast Festival – Alliance

Alliance Party Culture and Arts Spokesperson, Kieran McCarthy MLA, has demanded that government provide the funding necessary to safeguard the future of the Belfast Festival at Queens. His comments come as it emerged that the festival may not take place next year unless more government funding can be secured.

The Strangford Assembly member said: “The Belfast Festival at Queens is vital both culturally and economically for Northern Ireland.

“The festival is invaluable in terms of cultural development and tourism. It is a big draw which not only attracts people to Belfast but also promotes the wider region.

“The festival attracted over 100,000 people to a wide range of events this year. To lose such a popular event would be a massive blow to the local economy and local tourism industry.

“It would be a real shame if the government could not provide the package of assistance needed to ensure that the Belfast Festival can continue in future.”

Kieran McCarthy concluded: “The festival only needs a relatively small amount of funding if we look at the wider economic picture. It would be disgraceful if the government let the Belfast Festival disappear.”


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