Government legacy plans undermine rule of law, says Farry

Alliance MP Stephen Farry has expressed “deep concern” at proposals by the UK Government to stop prosecutions of Army veterans here.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson made the pledge on what he called “vexatious” allegations during the Queen’s Speech. Dr Farry said it could have potential implications for the Stormont House Agreement and  the UK’s human rights commitments.

“This intention to legislate is deeply concerning. One-sided and selective approaches to dealing with the past in Northern Ireland don’t work and are counterproductive. The Government’s approach is based on a false premise of witchhunts and vexatious prosecutions, which is at odds with all of the evidence.

“The Government must stand up for the rule of law and for due process, not subvert them. There are already adequate checks and balances in the criminal justice system. The overwhelming number of members of the armed services who served in Northern Ireland did so with honour and integrity. They do not need any special protection and indeed new measures potentially undermines the values they sought to protect and uphold.

“Alliance will continue to seek a comprehensive approach of dealing with the past which is fair and balanced, and is informed by international human rights standards.”