Bradshaw re-emphasises all-party approach is needed on health reform

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has re-emphasised a collegiate, all-party approach to health reform is essential to resolving issues faced by patients and workers.

The South Belfast MLA was speaking after an all-party meeting with the Secretary of State on the issue of health. She said it was a positive encounter.

“This meeting rightly went well beyond financial asks, and it was emphasised health cannot be abused as a partisan political issue during the complex but essential transformation process on which we have embarked,” she said.

“To maintain positive dialogue, it is essential now parties re-affirm their commitment to reconfiguration and reform of services so we are able to build improved and more resilient services immediately accessible by anyone who needs them.

“We need communication across all parties about key decisions during this process, but also a public acceptance that a universal, world-class health service into the 2020s cannot be delivered without reconfiguration and transformation.”