Government Flybe strategy needs to think about Northern Ireland, says Farry

Alliance MP Stephen Farry has said any strategy from the UK Government dealing with the fallout of the collapse of Flybe has to take in the unique circumstances of Northern Ireland.

Dr Farry was speaking after raising the matter with Transport Minister Kelly Tolhurst in the House of Commons. He said the special consideration should be given for Northern Ireland, given the reliance on air travel here.

“My first thoughts in this situation are with the workers of Flybe, as well as those people who had flights booked with the airline. In addition, we need to support Belfast City Airport. I am confident new carriers can be found for the routes, which when coupled with a reduction in air passenger duty, will ensure the airport remains a vital part of our business and tourism industries.

“The Government’s strategy in dealing with the wider situation of the collapse of Flybe needs to take into account the unique circumstances of Northern Ireland. A one size fits all approach across the entire UK will not work – we don’t have the rail links to provide transport in the same way Britain does, so special consideration needs to be given to how we can maintain our external links, particularly in a post-Brexit context.”