Go green on international car free day – Alliance

Alliance Party Leader, David Ford, has called for more investment for public transport to help persuade people to use buses and trains. Today is international car free day and David Ford has endorsed the campaign to get people to use public transport more instead of cars.

David Ford MLA stated: “I support international car free day because people must realize the importance of using public transport when possible to help protect the environment.

“Everyone can do their bit to protect the environment by leaving their car at home and taking the bus or train to work.

“Having traveled to Belfast today on the Templepatrick airbus, you can see the benefits which come from having a service like this one which is well-funded.

“Recent increases in public transport funding have paid dividends; however, even more funding must be devoted to getting people out of their cars and onto buses and trains. The environmental benefits of more people using public transport are clear. The government should focus on investing more money on public transport infrastructure in Northern Ireland to reap these benefits.”


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