Alliance demands answers on alleged Government UDA payoff

Alliance Spokesperson, Cllr Tom Campbell has slammed the government for allegedly planning to provide loyalists with £1million in exchange for the UDA standing down. His comments come after media reports alleged yesterday that the government are going to give the UDA £1 million in a bid to secure its disbandment.

The Newtownabbey Councillor said: “I call on government to confirm exactly how much taxpayers money has been agreed as payments for the representatives of loyalist terrorists to provide ‘political analysis.’

“Are the government willing to contradict the Sunday Times’ very emphatic story about the provision of £1million.

“I wonder if those advising the Secretary of State have actually read any of the IMC reports at all. Have these reports become political wallpaper?

“What the point of having an expert team providing reports on paramilitary activity if it is going to potentially be ignored by figures in government?

“The public funding announced last week is going towards ‘conflict transformation.’ The concept of conflict transformation must be fully explained to people, because taxpayers need to know what their money is going to be spent on.

“I fear that when some loyalists think of conflict transformation they mean moving from sectarian terrorism to money-making criminality.

“Over the past few months we have seen a series of newspaper claims on this issue. Those who have raised questions over how government can conscionable give this money to these people have been accused of being wilfully mischievous. The government don’t like it when we question their judgement. This type of patronising bully-boy behaviour from government is akin to an elective dictatorship.

“The taxpayers have a right to know how much money government is planning to give to the representatives of loyalist terrorists. How also are these sums of money going to be monitored and who is going to be accountable for the spending of this disgraceful funding.”


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