Girvan welcomes rejection of planning application for Ballymorran Bay

Local residents from Ballymorran Bay, Killinchy, have been successful in getting a planning application to develop a commercial tourist amenity block, picnic area and car parking in a field opposite the existing slipway and key withdrawn.

Alliance councillor Deborah Girvan explained, “I was contacted by residents from the surrounding area about a planning application which included a canoeing facility at Ballymorran Bay.

“I arranged to meet up with some of the residents at the site to listen to their concerns and see for myself exactly where the facility would be developed. I was expecting to meet about five or six people but was totally surprised when about 30 people turned up to the site meeting which demonstrated the strength of feelings and objections to the planning proposal.

“Issues raised by the local people included the unsuitability of the water area for canoeing as mudflats cover the Bay for 70% of the time which can lead to canoeists getting trapped on the mud when the tide goes out; regular flooding on the road opposite the proposed development during heavy rainfall and during Spring tides makes the road impassable; the right hand turn from the Killinchy to Whiterock road into the Ballymorran Road is extremely dangerous as vision is blocked by a small hill and it is impossible to see oncoming traffic and it was noted that there have been several accidents and near misses at this lethal junction; Ballymorran Road is very narrow with few passing places and there were concerns that the road did not have the capacity to take increased volumes of traffic, especially canoe trailers; Strangford Lough has been designated an area of outstanding natural beauty and Ballymorran Bay is home to otters and a very diverse range of birds and other wildlife which would be disturbed by increased activity; and there were concerns over public right of access to the slipway and quay.”


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