Girvan takes part in Civic Voices programme at Newtownards school

Strangford Alliance Westminster Candidate Deborah Girvan, visited Movilla High School in Newtownards today and was interviewed by 14 -16 year old pupils who are following a Civic Voices project.

“I was delighted to be invited to take part in this Civic Voices project,” said Deborah Girvan. It is important that young people realise that they have a role to play in civic society. This programme will help them to become more aware of what is going on in their local community, learn about democracy and find out how they can use their voices to initiate change.”

During the event, pupils had the opportunity to ask Deborah Girvan questions about her involvement in community activity, what inspired her to take action, what she has achieved and what advice she would give to young people regarding getting involved in local civic activity.



Civic Voices is a joint effort of two international civic education projects: Civics Mosaic and the Democracy Memory Bank. The United States Department of Education funds both projects under the Education for Democracy Act approved by the United States Congress. The United States Department of State cooperates in the work of these projects. Further information can be found at

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