Free travel for older people across Ireland is just the ticket

Alliance MLA Kieran McCarthy has backed a scheme to give older people from throughout Ireland free travel across the island. A government document has revealed that from 1 April 2007, people over the age of 65 can use public transport for free, across the whole of Ireland.

The Strangford Alliance Assembly Member stated: “I am very pleased that an all-Ireland free travel scheme for older people is being introduced. This scheme is just the ticket for older people.

“Alliance has long campaigned to ensure that older people from across this island will be able to travel all over Ireland for free.

“However, I am unhappy that government have not lowered the free travel age to 60. We will continue to campaign for the age to be brought down to 60 for everybody.

“Also, it is unfortunate the government have not yet committed to free East – West public transport for older people. Free travel for older people from here around England, Scotland and Wales has not been provided. I hope that they will consider this option. Why should people be able to travel from Belfast to Dublin for free, but have to pay for the train from Stranraer to Glasgow?”


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