Frazer, Campbell and Blair selected to run for Newtownabbey Council

The Alliance party has selected former councillor John Blair to fight the Antrim Line area and sitting Councillors Tom Campbell and Lynn Frazer to run in the University ward of Newtownabbey .

Speaking at the meeting Cllr Campbell said: “This is an election in which the momentum is moving in Alliance’s direction following recent election successes for the party and I am confident that we will return two Alliance councillors for this ward, as we had done some time ago.

“Given the acrimonious politics espoused by some Newtownabbey Council we need positive Alliance voices to help address the significant damage caused to community relations as the result of the freezing out of non-unionist representation on the council. The damage that has been done is not irreparable but a significant Alliance presence can start the work needed to repair that damage.”

Cllr Lynn Frazer said: “I am very pleased to have been selected and am confident that we can increase Alliance representation in the Newtownabbey area in the forthcoming elections.

“Our team of candidates work for everyone in the community to deliver improved services and address any problems they have. 2010 has been a great year for Alliance and it has seen Naomi Long win a Westminster seat in East Belfast and David Ford become Justice Minister. We offer people the opportunity to vote for a better, shared future and people are turning to us more and more.”

John Blair said: “It’s great to be back running for Alliance at Council level. I enjoy working to help deliver for people in Newtownabbey and I want to make a difference on the council again.

“Alliance is all about delivering constructive politics and solutions. We offer a strong alternative to the tribal parties and we offer a vision for a new Northern Ireland free from segregation.”


Profiles of Candidates

Lynn Frazer

Lynn Frazer has been an Alliance Councillor in the University area of Newtownabbey since 1997. She was the first non unionist Mayor of Newtownabbey and served as Mayor between 2006-2007. Lynn works as Constituency Manager for Alliance Leader David Ford.

John Blair

John was elected in an Alliance v DUP by-election in Antrim Line in 1988, aged 22 becoming one of Britain and Ireland ‘s youngest Councillors at that time. He represented Macedon for Alliance 1989-1994 and was subsequently a Ratepayers Councillor in Antrim Line 1997-2001. He is currently Alliance Party Vice-President and has been an Independent Member of Newtownabbey District Partnership since its inception in 2003. He is also currently Chair of Newtownabbey Citizen Advice Bureau.

Tom Campbell

Councillor Campbell is the party’s leader on the Council and a solicitor in private practice. He currently represents the Antrim Line area but is moving to University ward where he lives to help secure two seats for the party in that area. Councillor Frazer was the first non unionist Mayor of Newtownabbey.

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