Former Lord Mayor shocked at North Belfast house fire deaths

Former Lord Mayor of Belfast, Tom Ekin, has stated that he is shocked and extremely saddened at the death of two young Polish men in a house fire in North Belfast in the early hours of the morning. The fire broke out at a house in Camberwell Terrace and was reported to the fire service just after 3am.

The Balmoral Alliance Party Councillor said: “I am extremely saddened at the loss of these two young lives in this horrific house fire.

“My thoughts are with the families and friends of the two young people who died. This must be made all the more unbearable for them given that the two young people died hundreds of miles away from their friends and relatives in Poland.

“We must find out what caused this fire because we need to know the circumstances surrounding this tragic loss of life.

“I would however like to take this opportunity to praise the fire service on their rapid response and the courage they showed in tackling this blaze.”


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