Former Lord Mayor and Catherine Curran selected by Alliance for Belfast Council

Former Lord Mayor of Belfast , Alliance Councillor Tom Ekin and Catherine Curran have been selected to stand for Belfast City Council in next year’s local government election. Tom has been selected in the Balmoral area where he has a seat held since 1997. Catherine has been selected to stand in the Laganbank area and she has worked for Anna Lo as a constituency assistant for the past three years.

Former Lord Mayor Cllr Tom Ekin said: “It has been an immense privilege to serve on Belfast City Council for the past thirteen years and I am proud to have been reselected to stand again for council.

“I have initiated positive change on a wide range of issues, from tackling hate crimes, tackling litter, dealing with planning, organising shared St Patricks Day events, addressing parades issues and ensuring efficiency in Council services. If elected I intend to continue to deliver constructive change.”

Catherine Curran said: “It is a real honour to have been selected to stand for the Alliance Party for Belfast City Council. I have first hand experience of working on behalf of constituents over the past three years in Anna Lo’s office. I have seen the benefits that good community work can bring to an area and I have seen how helping a constituent can really change their lives.

“I know the value that a good, hard working politician can bring to the local community, and if elected I hope to bring that knowledge to Belfast City Council.

“Debates in the Belfast City Council chamber and committee rooms have often been described at heated affairs but I would hope to be a new voice at the table and would like to raise issues on behalf of my constituents in a measured manner in order to get the best results for them.”


Biography of Catherine Curran

Catherine has a BA Hons in Politics and Cultural Media Studies from Queen’s University, Belfast , and has been a resident of South Belfast for almost 20 years.

Having worked previously in the community and voluntary sector, Catherine held posts within the Community Relations Council, and the Indian Community Centre as a Good Relations Officer, and maintains a keen interest in community development.

Catherine has worked closely with Anna Lo MLA over the past 3 years, establishing strong working relationships within the South Belfast and Laganbank areas.

Biography of Tom Ekin

Lord Mayor of Belfast , 2004-2005.

Belfast City Councillor, 1997-present.

Former Chairperson of Alliance , 2000-2002.

Tom Ekin and his family have lived and worked in South Belfast for many years. As a councillor, Tom has initiated an anti-litter drive to improve Belfast ‘s appearance. He has also Chaired the Good Relations working group of Councillors and others, which aims to improve relationships at City Hall.

A businessman, Cllr Ekin has invested considerably to provide jobs and opportunities in South Belfast . He is married with four daughters.

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